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If you're on the hunt for the perfect chair, consider a dish chair, also known as a moon chair, sphere chair, egg chair, papasan chair, round chair, butterfly chair, or a saucer chair. The dish chair is extremely comfortable and its fun and funky design can help spice up any living area. They go perfect in a living room, teenager's room, or even outside on a porch patio.

Dish Chair Designs

The round dish chair is typically made with a metal, fortified plastic, or wood frame and they come in an wide range of bright colors and designs, making them especially appealing to a younger crowd. You'll be amazed at the way these simple, elegant chairs can give a room a warm and cozy feel.

Decorating with Dish Chairs

If you're interested in adding a special touch to your room decor and one that will blend in with your current furniture, you can't go wrong with a dish chair. It's light weight frame and removable parts make it portable and easy to move around. The dish chair is ideal for college students or anyone on the move because they can be conveniently relocated. You can take these chairs from room to room, or even outside, depending on your needs.

Parts of a Dish Chair

Another excellent benefit to a dish chair is that there is no assembly required. If you're like me, and aren't handy with tools, you'll consider a dish chair the perfect accessory. The dish chair typically comes in three parts, the bottom frame, the dish frame, and chair cushion. After you put the dish frame on top of the metal frame and add the top cushion, the chair is ready for you to relax in. The butterfly chair typically comes in only two parts, a folding frame, and a chair cushion.

With its curved back, the dish chair provides a lot of support and comfort. You can sit for hours in a dish chair working, reading, watching TV or playing video games without any back pains.

Dish Chair Specifications

Adults, as well as young people alike, love the saucer chair. The maximum weight that most dish chairs can accommodate is 250 pounds, however, you'll want to check the manufacturers specifications for your exact chair. The large dish shape is perfect for tall and large people as there is plenty of room to spread out. The wide seat dimensions make sitting for long periods especially comfortable. The level of the cushions in this chair is low, so small children can easily climb into it. While this chair is comfortable, it's not recommended as an office chair.

Cost of a Dish Chair

In addition to the comfort and convenience of a dish chair, the price is also nice. In general, the cost of a dish and moon chair ranges from $35-$100. With dish chairs you get all the comfort of a recliner at a very low cost, which is why college students find them so appealing. Even students on a limited budget will be able to scrape up enough cash to buy this chair.

Another benefit of the dish chair is its durability. People can use and reuse them time and time again. You can easily find a used papasan chair or papasan cushion online that is most likely in perfect condition.

If you're looking for a more retro design, consider egg chairs.

Images of Chairs

picture of a cat sleeping on a papasan chair purple cushion

three different types of egg chairs in a row

wooden stackable chair with black legs

comfortable papasan chair with orange cushion and wicker frame

egg chairs

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Tip of the day:

When picking the perfect accent chair, pay attention to the chair height. You want it to be around the same height as your other chairs so that guests don't move their heads up and down frequently.

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